John has partnered with the folks at Good Old Boat magazine to bring you three of his novels in audiobook format! They are available for purchase in MP3 download or CD format at

Sally Steals an Elephant : $15.00

Sally, Peter, and Andy have reached the jungles of South Africa where they have a run-in with a cruel circus owner and a kindly elephant they nickname "Elly." When their plan to save Elly succeeds - a little too well - they must chase the rogue elephant through the jungle, while avoiding the irate circus owner. Featuring many colorful characters (including a real Witch Doctor!), this tale shows how the Grant children have grown (and continue to grow) since their last adventure. This is the second book of two in a series, and second of three books available from author John Vigor.

Danger, Dolphins and Ginger Beer : $15.00

The first book of two in a series. Join the Grant children - Sally, Peter, and Andy - as their island camping excursion turns into an adventure wrought with mystery and danger. Their stay on Crab Island barely gets underway when things begin to go awry. Two older kids accuse the Grants of taking their camping spot. And that's just the start! An injured dolphin swims into their lagoon, a mysterious speedboat crashes into a nearby reef, and some tough figures come snooping around for something lost in the crash. Something they're willing to kill for.

So Long, Foxtrot Charlie : $15.00

Foxtrot Charlie just wants to get along with his foster family. But sometimes, being an ordinary 13-year-old boy gets him into trouble – messes, explosions, accidents – and it seems the harder he tries, the more he fails. Just when he thought things couldn't possibly get any worse, Foxtrot finds himself lost at sea with his foster father, foster sister, and friend. With the lives of three other people in the balance, Fox finds himself faced with a challenge that he simply cannot afford to fail.